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Name:johnny [10.5]
Birthdate:Jan 1

johnny smith.

The Doctor's clone, the handy spare hand, the- actually, even if the looks are the same, the personality isn't. Both part Donna and part Doctor, he's done quite a lot to distance himself from what people expected him to be. He's bonkers, he's mean, and he's not above being evil. He's also rude as shit, but that's a Donna thing, and as for the Doctor parts of him - he has the man's memories, knows him on an innately personal level, and he likes to travel. A lot. He also likes to talk. A lot. But he doesn't like helping people. He'd rather tear them apart. He likes to dance, he loves clubs and drugs and sex, and it would be easy to call him both oversexed and overmedicated. He's a complicated mess and Johnny-logic is never going to resemble Earth logic. Because Johnny was never meant to be, and his sanity has burned because of it more than Donna's mind ever could.

- Black suit with white pinstripes, white converse - his constant Time Lord garb.
- Grew his own TARDIS.
- In need of a Rose, a Doctor, a Master or even a companion.
- He's burning up like Donna would have -- he's just burning up slowly.
- Enjoys both receiving and inflicting pain.
- Almost has the same interests in people as the Doctor does; his interest is just warped and can borderline on obsession (especially where Rose is concerned).
- There's a reason the Doctor locked him away in a parallel universe.
- Insane. Wordy. He loves words to the point he will carve them into his skin (and quite often), will write them on walls. Anorexic, and therefore thinner than the version of the Doctor he came from - he has an almost obsessive-compulsive aversion to eating.
- He's very good at pretending and playing make-believe.

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